The Importance Of Adding To Your Real Estate Investment Group

But teacher, the computer gremlins ate my homework!!!!! Unfortunately, that is what happened to my well crafted article for last week, right before I left to teach classes at the Learning Annex in New York.

The good news is that after being in NYC, I can now give a really strong example about today's topic which covers what to do once you have found ( or created) a great real estate investment group. What MOST people do from human is exactly opposite of what it takes to be a part of a real estate investment group that yields outstanding investments time after time.

It is human nature to believe that if you have something good, you don't share it with others for fear of not having enough to go around. Psychologists call this a "SCARCITY" model were people believe that there is only a finite supply of anything worthwhile. Coming from a very conservative background, where I grew up the son of a college professor, I was cursed with this scarcity belief.

As I started to gain more and more success, the more I realized that many successful people believed exactly the opposite of me: that is, they believed that by working together and sharing, you could produce an INFINITE supply of whatever was wanted. This is what experts refer to as an ABUNDANCE model.

So how does that apply to us? Let me give you the example from the Learning Annex. During our last night, we had a person in attendance that has been with our group for some time and has participated in multiple projects. This person is a full time real estate investor, is very savvy in her choices, and it's a big believer in the power of real estate investment groups.

Afterwards, we got talking about how she might be interested in purchasing multiple units in our N. Tampa project and probably would also know others that were interested. To her credit, she did not want to "hog" too many units for either herself or others outside of the real estate investment group.

In my opinion, this person could SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE the ability of others in our real estate investment group by telling others now. Yes, we may run out on "this project" but now let's look complete the chain of events:

1. Some people cannot get into the project because it is sold out;

2. Because it is sold out, several developers take notice and want to offer special incentives to the real estate investment group;

3. Another good project is offered and because of more people are around, a substantial number of properties are consumed, some of them by people who could not get in last time.

4. In turn, this continued activity attracts even better opportunities by developers

5. Because the opportunities are continuing to flow, more and more people are attracted to the real estate investment group;

6. The process simply continues providing an ABUNDANCE of opportunities for all.

Now, suppose you do the opposite and individuals decide that it is a bad idea to grow the real estate investment group. Now what happens?

1. First project, everybody gets to participate and is very happy;

2. Developer's notice what occurred and want to work with the real estate investment group;

3. Next project is offered but VERY FEW people participate because they are personally tapped out since many in the group only want about 1 investment per year;

4. The real estate investment group now has difficulties getting good projects in the future since developer's don't know if it will work.

Let's do a real life, current day example. Right now, we are in discussions with a mid-size developer for getting access to about 40 units of a project that we think will truly be awesome. But what this developer NEEDS our real estate investment group to do is take 40 units VERY QUICKLY to greatly assist in their financing program.

For our real estate investment group, if we can solve the developer's problem and get good investments for ourselves, they have another 160 units coming several months behind this project; i.e., increasing opportunity for EVERYONE. It is our personal stance that by feeding the below cycle, EVERYBODY in the real estate investment group wins over the long term.

For this reason, regardless of if you have your own real estate investment group or if you are a member, we hope you will keep growing your group by telling people what you do and how they can participate.

This is the last in our series about real estate investment groups and how to get the most out of them. In March, we start our next series talking about the a number of real estate investments and how we see them fare in 2006 and beyond.